cold feelings…

old familiar memories are crawling into my mind,

like the smell of cold cigarette smoke in the morning.

i thought these feelings had been gone,

but they don’t!

i can’t get my head straight for things to come.

new strands of hair are in my bed,

to lie hidden underneath my pillow,

like a present in the mornging,

that the new girl kept there,

to remind me of her presence.

i’m awful, i’m pathetic,

to rest in the arms of a beautiful girl,

kiss her and then delicate touching her hair,

pull her hands to my chest, look her deep in the eyes,

and then i kiss her again.

but my mind is thinking about the old one.

is it the memories of the good times we had?

is it the fun we had together?

is it her smile i miss in the morning?

is it the torture that she gave me,

when she said she is leaving me?

I hate me for doing that and i’m sorry!

but why am i doing that?

i don’t know! i fuckin realy don’t know!…

Moloko: Familiar Feeing


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