during this summer term i practice and improve my media design skills. nothing special i thought first. youv’e been on the internet for almost 12 years now. you have managed gettin a html site rollin, you know how to fix a lecture presentation on powerpoint and all things like that you need to know about media things. but then i realized, i have no clue about photoshop. damn. in order, that i don’t have the money to buy me a legal copy of photoshop, i started to train myself on gimp. same like the big name brand one, but gimp is free.

our main topic in this course is, that we have to create a movie poster. first i wanted to make a movie mashup between machete and kill bill. my second thought was a mash up called „alien vs. carebears“. but this was silly shit anyway. so i decided to make a movie poster of one of my most loved films „volver“. a very nice movie with the wonderfull and gorgeous penelope cruz. the result of some hours training you can see above. i’ve made 3 poster so far but this is the best one by now. maybe i should use another filter. we will see.

the one’s of you that don’t know the movie. here is the trailer…


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