wonderfull weekend…


there is nothing in the world like the smell of sweaty socks and three wasted guys in your kitchen. i’ve not participated in a shooting of a eastern europe gay movie. no! i picked up my bike an joined 2 of my friends who cycled all the way to my new city. by the way, my new home is 200 km away from my old one. cause i felt a little sick i only cycled 65 km with them. but finaly and a lot of drinks later we arrived at my place after 6 hours.

it was a wonderfull trip. the profile of the track was pretty low so we don’t had to climb up very big hills with our bikes. but after 4 hours in the saddle your butt beginns 2 hurt like hell. and now it looks like youve been in the shooting of this eastern europe porn movie. thanks to manly love we all had to lube up our butts with lotion and cream. and after 3 days i was able 2 sit again in an postion in which my butt wasn’t hurting anymore.

Next day we made a little tour through the city and i showed them my new „home“. we scored a free apple juice on the campus of my college by participate on a confrence about the history of building machines. or something else i forgot the name. after lunch we chilled in the sun by watchin a bundesliga game in the stadium of my city and drank one or two or three beers. some dumb kid kicked my full cup of beer by accident and wasted this wonderfull drink. he got lucky that he was sitting with his mother, otherwise the last sound that he would heared would have been: „SONIC BOOM!!!“. but i only gave him evil eye and he understud the message. looks like he learned a new lesson in life:

"never kick the cup of beer of a man with a painfull shoulder injury."

some impressions of the trip can be seen if you


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