sticky tape against warts…

… luckly for me i never had to deal with warts. but not all humans have this kind of luck. someone in my surrounding, has warts on his hands. too bad for him. i don’t have a clou where warts come from or what warts really are. he told me that warts are a caused by a virus infection. The treatment of warts is also not that simple. they can go away by themself or you have to deal with them your whole live.

anyway, the person with the warts told me that you have to put sticky tape around the warts for ten nights, so that they go away. thx to the internet diagnoses was my first thought. the next thing you do to donate 1 buck to ten persons that you know to become a millionare. pretty sick…

back to the sticky tape against warts. the next thing that came in my mind was the picture of chris martin, the band leader of coldplay. i noticed some sticky tape on his hands when i was watching a concert of coldplay. so i came to the conclussion that chris martin has some warts on his fingers. not that bad for him, he is still a great singer and songwriter. he also doesn’t has to be worried about the game with the ladies, because he is allready married.

chris martin

i only have to make a note 2 myself for my future. i need a guitar, a piano, warts and colored sticky tape to become a rockstar…

[pic via]


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