the movie „Home“ on youtube…

dear friends,

the movie „home“ can be seen on youtube while the movie just came out in your local cinema. for those who don’t know what home is. it is a documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand about our planet. for this movie he traveld around the globe and filmed all the good and the bad places of our planet. He filmed by using a helicopter so that you can see your planet from above and watch the beauty of the earth. He got arrested for filming in some countries and is not allowed to travel to the states because he filmed a ranch in california.

wonderfull pictures. Not like this BBC movie back in 2007 whit the thiny baby animals. i was the only one in the theater who laughed at the end about the movie. probably i had seen to many bbc documentaries in my life. But the documentary „home“ is diffrent. Learn about the planet without cute animals. Just watch the beauty of this planet and begin to think about the future.

The movie can only be seen on youtube until 14th of june 2009. watch it on [direct“home“link]

for more infos about the project „home“ press here.


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