what happend to hitler???

i’m just watching a documentation about adolf, the good old  stupid german nazi. the death of hilter is very storied. one say he is still alive, other say he was cloned and other say he died after the second ww. so we got the internet, let’s find it out. luckly there is answers.yahoo.com. they know everything and the answer 2 my question: „what happend to hitler?“

His scientists came up with a concoction to free him from the effects of aging and gave him an injection. I’ve heard he’s had plenty of cosmetic surgery and turned a new leaf. He’s had a #1 rock-n-roll hit and even danced chippendales for a short time after buffing up. From what I hear he’s helping orphans in war zones to help atone for his sometimes chaotic past.

my favourite theory is from the movie hellboy. If you don’t know the movie here is hellboy in ten minutes:

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