recession, where are you? or we are rich because they are poor…

yesterday i’ve watch a movie called „the march„. in this movie, a group of african nomadic people march through the saharah desert towards north to transmit into the european country to have a better future. the main message of the movie is: „are we poor because you are rich?“. a great movie which got me thinking about my own habbit and role in the economics. non the less today i purchased 7 t-shirts and payed 18,90 €. most of the shirts  cost me 2 €. how is it possible that a shirt can be sold for 2 €, when the shirt was produced in bangladesh ? when the collection came in the stores 3 or 5 month ago most of the shirts cost about 12 to 20 €. weird! …



4 Gedanken zu “recession, where are you? or we are rich because they are poor…

  1. stellt sich mir die frage, ob wir mit unserem shopping-wahn bei h&m diese armut in bangladesh nicht eigentlich noch fördern? sehnse, deswegen kauf ich nur in meinem lieblings-versandhaus ein – dessen name ich hier aus gründen des individualismus-bewahrens schlecht nennen kann. ;D

  2. @ me: the question is, how can we change or is it even possible to change those economic habbits at all? i would say no, because we all got used to those habbits. the only thing u can do is consum in a way, like transfair, where everyone can live with it.

    @ bowle: there are two sides on this medal. the one side is that the people who produce the clothes have an income to buy food. the other side is that if they don’t produce the clothes, someone is willing to produce the clothes for allmost nothing at all. which one is better?

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