what u gonna do when they come for u…

what a day?

yesterday was one of the funniest days in my life.


it started pretty simple. waking up at 6a.m. in the morning. getting up at 7 a.m. and having breakfast.  a quick look into my learning script because i had to write a test in human-machine-communication. more or less primed i started writing. during the time i read the question of the test i started thinking. why do some teachers make a big deal out of their courses. the questions were very simple, i did not understand only one question. during the test i made a quick look to my left neighbour and then it hit me what the missing question was sensed to. thanks to u my fellow student.


after 90 minutes the test was finished and the muse and me went to the local bath. they had a pretty good offer. a whole day in the bathing area and the sauna area for just 8 €. a quick text message 2 miss peia and let the fun begin. i never went to a sauna before, so i was pretty excited about what is going to expect me. first one, a whole bunch of naked people. ok no problem for me, but are there some young girls around to look at? oily old people where there! good for me so i didnt had to walk around with a boner under my towel. that was my biggest fear at all to walk around with a big boner. but it didnt happen, how could it be possible to get sexual excited if u are in a room where it is 85 C° hot. sweat ran all over my body. after 10 min i had to get out of the sauna. what now. a right! now it is time for the cold water! good lord thats cold! time to chill! laying down in the sun i started to tan while reading my sport magazine. after 1 1/2 h in the midday sun i went on to the next sauna break. now i where able to stay 13 minutes inside. but now the thrill set in, my skin began to hurt and colored from normal european white to good old english sunburn red. damn. i burned my skin. not to bad at all but the colour turned more and more to a ready for eating lobster red. after 7 hours we went home. luckily for us the bike of the muse broke down after a few hundred meters. damn again! so i packed the bike onto my shoulder and we walked home. oh i forgot to mention that i had the shopping from the grocery store on my back aswell. life is one of the hardest.


quick call with a friend of mine, cause i’ve heard that somewhere is going to be a party for one of my fellow students who is going to be in australia for a half year. to tell the truth i and the muse didnt had any ambitions to make any more move with our bodies. so the discussion began which one of us is going to take the blame of being lazy. i was the one who pulled the short straw. but then oscar called me on my cellphone and i decided to get going. 1/2 h later we sat on the balcony of the apartment where the party took place. sipping on my beer and smoking cigarettes we chatted and i chilled for a while after 2 h i think something happen. i don’t know what happened but the roomies in the apartment beat up a guy in the house 2 stairs down. have i mentioned that they where drunk? not my business i thought. at about 1 in the morning the muse wanted go home because she had to take her pill. so we started going. right out of the apartment door we ran into the cops waiting in the stairway. the cop asked me if we are the ones who made that noise? i said no, but if he want to find out he just has to go into the apartment i said to him. his answer was: „can i see your i.d. please!“. behind the cops stood an old lady who said: „no those are not the one who came into my apartment!“. this was the mother of the guy who got beaten up. the cops wrote down our identical information and we where free to go. at the end he asked me: „who many people are up there?“, i said: „a bunch of people.“, cop: „and who many is a bunch of people? 5? 50?“, me: „i think about 14-15 people!“. good lord! this was the party i witnessed where someone called the cops.

the day after, which is now while i am writing. i think this was one of the most funniest and relaxed days ever.  i think i am to nice for this world…

[pic1 via flickr.com, thx]

[pic2 via flickr.com, thx]

[pic3 via flickr.com, thx]


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