u can’t stop blogin bitch…

it’s been a while since the last post. but there are only 2 post, after this post its only one post, to break through the 200 post wall. wow!

anywho! right now i’m working for a startup in the e-commerce business. so far i’ve learned a lot about SEO, how to optimise your web-page, are videos in e-commerce really that big, and so on. blablabla…

During my present project, i have to set up a corporate blog for the startup. mhhh, it’s like heaven! the only thing that bothers me is that i have to set up a blog from the beginning, with thinking about the categories, what content can i publish, how do i connect the blog to other blogs. blablabla…

A lot of things to do, but there is a good thing to. i can surf  around the web all day and pretend that the stuff i’m looking to can be published on the page. like this one here i’ve found on vimeo, searching for viral videos.

hope you like it


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