big bang…

„two people meet.

one of them got dumped, the other has dumped.

drinking, smoking, talking all night long.

a firework.

rest on a meadow the stars above.

cassiopeia meets orion.

the reunion of a friendship.“

these are the initial conditions for this project.

why a blog? cause it seems that everybody has got one und we love blogs. how this thing here is going to end up, i don’t know and is totally open ended. the visitors and readers who stick around have fun by detwisting the thoughts of the minds of cassiopeia and orion…

one quick reference:

as far as not wrote down the used pictures are made by me or my friends. the ones i don’t have credit for i will make a source path, so that the owner of the picture is foundable. if someone has issue with pictures or entries in this blog please contact me through a comment. i will contact you as soon as possible to find a solution.  so please contact me first before u wan’t to sue me. i don’t have much money so u will not get so much from me . maybe an old pair of socks and a half-warm homemade meal. this blog is not looking for financial interests and it is an so called privated blog.


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